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Alex's logo by infernomanzzoom
Alex's logo
because he doesnt have a team he had to get his own logo by himself so he drew one based on his own cat. 
alexander (Alex) Chase aka yorunoko by infernomanzzoom
alexander (Alex) Chase aka yorunoko
note. right now untill i get some sketchwork done this is a place holder

 james woods aka yorunoko
Birth date: August 6th
Age: 20
Nationality: american
Rank: F
Team: non
Height: almost 6 feet
Tuner: non yet
Outfit Reference: might do later


Filadea Road :: ??? :: ???||
--A combination of the Tiger and Neko Roads, the Filadea Road gets the best of both worlds. Being extremely agile and flexible like the cats they resemble, masters of the Filadea Road can switch between their typically astounding parkour abilities and their aggressive tendencies at will. Whether you'll get struck head on or outmaneuvered by these riders, you'll never know. They truly are as nimble and vicious as a wildcat.--

Air Treks:

a basic pair that he got and patchjobed into ones he can use. the claws are foam and are held on by magnets and clips. one of the back ones are real that he uses to heel stop. they look like someone just googled and mcgivered them together. how they work no one knows "glue,gum,and duct tape". the four wheel are so if he lets the outer wheels get worn down some then the inner wheel touch the ground and he gets a burst of speed. but most of the time he wont it get like that since it takes a while of normal skatig to get them worn down that much. but when he bounces around he forces them to wear down to get that extra speed at the cost of chipping the outer wheels down.


:lazy:smart:kind:nocternal: odd:good with his hands:
is a cat, tsundere sometimes, other times loving and caring, 


when he lived in the states he took about a year of gymnastics for extra credit. thats where he learned he had two gifts that no one else had except for his teacher. he was double jointed and loose legeminted which made him very flexable. these two things made it so any and all bone damage he got was nerfed fairly well. when he fell and twisted his leg the docters said hed have to wait a month and about a week and a half later he walk back in and freaked his docter out fully healed. the last year he spent in usa he was a stripper and was the second best in the place. reason he was second place was because he would sometimes get shy unless drunk. He first got into ATs when he needed a way to get around. hes a night person so over the years he got to where he can see in the dark but that means his eyes hurt like crazy when they are exposed to light. 
he came to japan to study and kill time but lost his passport,id,and most of his cash so he had to get a job at a ma and pa restaurant of these two nice elderly couple. the name of the place is the kitsune cafe. he worked as a dilivery boy and for night shift when they had to do night shifts and got paid well even though they let him live in their extra bedroom and feed him sometimes. so hes fairly ok. 
the cat that always follows him is neko-chan and they met due to an odd chance of fate. one day about a month or so after he came to japan he saw this little cat being picked on by some mean kids and saved it. after that the little cat just kept following him. She is now his riding partner and the unofficial mascot for the restaurant. you can mostly find her napping on the cash register.
somehow 'and he doesnt know how or why' he is able to understand the cat as if she is human.
after a while he learned about the partswar and decided to join to get some parts to help the elderly couple out by selling the parts he wins. due to he keeps forgeting to update his ranking even if he wins he is still stuck in F class. he keeps the partswar a secret from them because he doesnt want them to worry. they think he just works at different stores to help out.
about a month later he got his stuff back but did the paperwork to stay in japan to help the elderly couple some more.


mother: contacts hims to make sure he is ok
yuki and zen tsubaki: the elderly couple he lives with
neko-chan: his best friend


cute things
helping others

neko-chan: treats, napping, getting her chin scratched, and fish


mean jerks
seeing others in pain
people who willingly harm other
being woken from his naps
bright lights
lights in general
docters and hospitals

neko-chan: dogs, waking her up, pulling her tail,


normely he is very smart to the point that his IQ could be as high as hawkens but he doesnt use his full brain power unless something gets his intrest which is very rare.

doesnt know much japanese even though he has lived about a year in japan so he uses neko-chan as a form of a translater sometimes

doesnt like big groups of people all that much

his wallet has a bad habit of falling out of his pocket "which is how he got into all of this' so he has it on a chain that sometimes follows behind his like a tail

can sleep anywhere and usually finds a high place to nap so hes out of the way

neko-chan mostly lays on his head or clings to his shoulder

to get a quick start he will get on all fours and stretch out like a cat and dig his wheels in holding them in place. due to this he has calluses on the lower palms of his hands. in this pose he will use the claws on his skates to dig down and give him even more of a boost. when fully charged (takes a few seconds) he can move so fast its hard to see him. only problem is its hard to controll this so he doesnt go full charge and only does half charge

not the fastest rider but will use the area around him as shortcuts and speed boost by jumping into small areas and slaming and jumping into things. like a fast cat

love meat hates fish. neko-chan on the other hand loves fish and will love on you if she thinks you have any

learned a lot of his skating habits from neko-chan he is sometimes will resemble his cat when doing different poses or tricks

has and will mistake traps for girls and might flirt with them. once he finds out its a dude he will freeze up and and gtfo very quickly. sometimes at the speed of a instant sonic boom (jk)and will act very shy next time he sees them till its no longer awkwerd which might take a long while

neko-chan will steal jerky or fish right out of your mouth if your eating it and not watching out

neko-chan is hard as fuck to catch since she like to use small spaces only she can squeeze through

can bend his limbs in freaky ways that would make some people thing he broke them

if he stretches before hand he can contortion his body some but he only does that to help him deliver food on time since doing this is a pain in the ass (basicly it annoys him)

he will use the claws on his skates to help him climb and kick off things.

when he is bored and have no shoes on he can use his feet like hands thanks to his father who did the same thing.

is a good stripper but wont dont it due to him being shy. its his dirty secret >w>

if he gets drunk he will sometimes do a magic mike...minus the stripping bit...maybe. so keep the booze away from him or prepare to blush. lol

only got his facial scars recintly due to not paying attention with a serving tray full of sharp things and triping over (hurt like hell but is better now)
bastet by infernomanzzoom

Hentai-Ryukami did the art i just colored it in. i think he made this based off a game character but i dont play it so i colored in what i felt was right



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